well I saw louis wee sitting down. //


Track: Magic
Artist: One Direction

we kind of ignore this song and i dont know why??


it’s been awhile (since i’ve felt butterflies) for milkballoon


Rating: Mature

Wordcount: 21,495

Warnings: None applied

Summary: In which Louis works in an ice cream parlor and Harry is Gemma’s cute little brother who starts working there, as well.


larry fic written in first person makes me so uncomfortable

shagshhire replied to your post: i really need to write this out so lik…

that’s terrible… I’m so sorry all of that happened… If you ever need to talk more, just send me an ask, okay? I’m willing to listen. x

yeah, thank you!:) xx

creampotato replied to your post: i really need to write this out so lik…

thats awful and im really sorry :/ are you out to anyone? how old are you and when can you move out? i know living with homophobic parents is so awful :/ i know its sad to lose friends but the fact that she was ready to lose you tells alot about her

well i told 3 people who i trust and i know they wouldnt tell anyone if i didnt want them to, but like i got drunk a few times and i made out with a friend so i guess people know but dont take it seriously? im 18 i really dont know when i will be able to move out but its all good for now, like my parents dont go on about how “gay is disgusting” randomly (my sister has her own ships and my mom thinks harry and louis are together(which makes this whole thing more confusing but yeah)) i still miss her though, but you gotta lose people to get better ones am i right :)

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I’m sorry babe

its okay:) x

Anonymous said: That really sucks that you guys don't even say hi to each other anymore.. I'm really sorry. I hope you're okay. There's someone out there who's better for you anyway, you'll see. Someone who doesn't just want to "experiment"

thank you!:) i think im over it now though,she has changed and became a girl she always told me she would never want to be lol




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i really need to write this out so like ignore this idk its basically about my first girlfriend

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@JamesMyers29: Louis at ground today #drfc #1D